Rossano Ferretti

RF Grandioso Volumising Spray for Fine, Volumeless and Lifeless Hair


Cruelty-free and 100% made In Italy, The Rossano Ferretti hair care portfolio uses the finest organic ingredients with optimised use of the latest active technology.

Although it looks good, blow-drying and styling can have aggressive effects on your hair when trying to boost body and volume. The Rossano Ferretti Grandioso Volumising Spray protects your hair, while giving it visible bounce with a soft, natural touch.

It’s weightless, flexible formula leaves hair full without any stickiness or build-up. This ultra-hydrating spray is formulated with hydrolysed plant proteins and creatine to smooth the hair follicle and reduce the physical damage resulting from combing damaged hair.

The sesame oils add strength to the roots and give deep nourishment, and the bambusa extracts make hair manageable, vibrant and protected.

Made in Italy

Product size:
100 ml


Spray 4 -5 times to damp hair from roots to ends and brush through to ensure even distribution. Blow dry and style as desired. Can also be used on dry hair to boost volume.

Key Ingredients

Creatine: Adds volume
Bambusa exctract: Nourishes hair
Hydrolysed sweet almond protein: Maintains moisture balance
Sesame oil: Strengthens hair
Jojoba oil: Conditions hair
Avocado oil: Moisturises hair and scalp

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