Rossano Ferretti

RF Grandioso Volumising Shampoo - For Fine Hair


Rossano Ferretti shampoos do not contain aggressive surfactants; the formulas in the cleansing agents are normally used to clean contact lenses, allowing a gentle approach to hair. 

It's difficult to find a shampoo that hydrates the scalp and adds volume, withou weighing your hair down. The Rossano Ferretti's Grandioso Volumising Shampoo does it all. This weightless daily moisturising shampoo plumps the look of hair while strengthening it for volume-boosting luxury.


The natural “Low Foam”  formula, containing a unique blend of creatine, macadamia and avocado oils, alongside ginseng and bamboo extracts, this innovative formula promotes a healthy scalp and stops hair from falling flat.

Made in Italy

Product size:
200 ml


Apply a small amount to wet hair, focusing on the front, the sides, the top of the head and the nape.

Add some water, then massage onto scalp and hair. 

Rinse and repeat.

For best results, proceed with Grandioso Volumising Conditioner.

Key Ingredients

Creatine: Gives elasticity and compactness to ensure full hair.
Macadamia: Cleans gently
Ginseng: Cleans gently
Bamboo: Cleans gently

Avocado oil: Prevents ageing

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