Rossano Ferretti

RF Dolce Protecting and Detangling Spray - Heat Styling Protection For All Hair Types & Colour-Treated Hair


100% made in Italy, all Rossano Ferretti products are formulated with the finest natural ingredients, combined with the latest biotechnology. The RF range promotes healthy and strong hair for all hair types.

It’s inevitable that your hair will suffer from the hazards of heat damage, combing, and the damaging effects of the environment. The foundation for any hair style, Rossano Ferretti’s Dolce Protecting and Detangling Spray helps protect against frizz, pollution, UV rays, and extreme heat styling, while adding moisture, strength and shine. Bonus: it helps prolong colour.

Hydrolysed wheat and rice proteins help reduce dryness while helping to restore hair strand by strand. Use this spray to effectively reduce the appearance of frizz and prevent tangles. The sweet almond protein delivers softness, sleekness, and volume without added weight.

Made in Italy

Product size:
100 ml


Spray 6-8 times on wet hair 8 inches away and comb through before blow drying.

Key Ingredients

Hydrolysed wheat protein: Detangles hair and adds shine
Hydrolysed rice protein: Lubricates and protects hair strands
Hydrolysed sweet almond protein: Moistures and restores softness

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