Dark Volume Powder - Volumising Powder & Dry Shampoo for Fine to Normal Hair


SACHAJUAN's award-winning Dark Volume Powder is a powder-based spray which creates structure, volume and grip, while also providing freshness between shampoos. With pigments tailored for dark hair, it also offers some root re-growth coverage for darker shades. Suitable for both long and short hair.


Refreshes hair between washes - dry shampoo. Creates volume, structure and grip. Especially created for dark hair.

Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates

Made in Sweden

Product size:


Shake bottle for at least five seconds after you hear the mixing device inside begin to rattle. Spray onto scalp from a distance of about 10 cm on dry hair and let dry. Remove or brush out excess and style with your fingers. Remember to protect clothing.

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