Leonor Greyl

Creme aux Fleurs - Hydrating washing Cream for Very Dry Hair, Frizzy Hair & Sensitive Scalp


With natural ingredients such as camomile and sage the Creme au Fleurs washing cream is designed to have a calming effect on sensitive scalps, giving an instant sense of relief and wellbeing. Ideal for delicate hair, the cream smoothes dry and frizzy hair and neutralises itching sensations.

The natural ingredients in this washing cream were specifically selected to increase hair flexibility and provide nourishment for very curly or frizzy hair. Crème aux Fleurs can be used as a cream shampoo. It will leave frizzy hair feeling wonderfully supple, while the driest hair will feel nourished and silky smooth. Its 100% sulphate-free formula is also ideal to use immediately after color treatments. As a result, the color sets better and the scalp's sensitivity is neutralized. The hair looks exceptionally shiny and radiant.

Silicon free, coal tar free, paraben free and sulfate free.

Made in France

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Apply evenly to dry or wet hair and scalp, on the roots if your hair is fine, or from roots to ends if your hair is thick or very damaged. Massage and leave the product on for 10-20 minutes. Before completely rinsing, add a small amount of water to the roots and gradually lather. When a gentle lather builds, rinse thoroughly for 2 minutes. Wash hair with Creme aux Fleurs up to three times a week if the scalp is very irritated.

We recommend the application of Huile de Leonor Greyl prior to shampooing to help detangle and nourish hair.

Key ingredients

Sage and camomile: Soothes the scalp.
Sulfur-rich plants: Revitalises the scalp.
Seaweed extracts: Detangle and condition.
Collagen: nourishes, protects and gives shine.

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