Leonor Greyl

Bain Restructurant à la Banane - Specific Shampoo For Permed Or Naturally Curly Hair


The action of proteins and banana extracts helps maintain the 'bounce' in natural curls and neutralises the fragility of hair after perming treatments. Your hair regains its full lustre and flexibility.

Silicone and paraben free.

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Apply to wet hair, massage with small amounts of water to build a lather. When a very gentle later builds, rinse thoroughly for two minutes.

Please note that this shampoo is a liquid and will not foam as much as a classic shampoo.

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Key ingredients
  • Plant extracts: rich in essential vitamins and trace elements: to strengthen the hair
  • Banana tree sap: gives support and defines curls 
  • Wheat proteins: strengthen and protect 
  • Keratin: fortifies and repairs

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