Leonor Greyl

Lait Lavant à la Banane - Everyday Use - Gentler Then a Shampoo - Fine & Oily Hair


The action of proteins and collagen will add softness, volume, body and bounce to fine, limp and oily hair. This foamy 'milk' will clean hair in the gentlest way, making it ideal for daily use and after the gym.

It is more of a rinse then a shampoo, with very few washing agents inside, making it very gentle: the ideal go-to product to extend time between regular washes.

Silicone and paraben free.

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Apply to wet hair, massage with small amounts of water to build a lather. When a very gentle later builds, rinse thoroughly for two minutes.

Please note that this cleansing milk is a foamy liquid and will not require as much product as a classic shampoo.

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Key ingredients
  • Banana Sap Extract : strengthening and detangling
  • Wheat Protein : Conditioning
  •  Extremely Gently Washing Agents

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